We value our employees in their pursuit of achieving results, willingness to work in a team and to take responsibility.

We welcome the specialists whose energy and expertise will contribute to the achievement of “RMS” of their ambitious goals. If you want to be part of a team of professionals “RMS”, you can fill out and send to the HR Department “RMS” your resume.

You can also send your application via our LinkedIn page.

Open Positions:

1. The verification laboratory verifier (3 vacancies):
  • Should have – Certificate of the verifier of pressure measuring equipment (Certificate number, issuing authority, date of issue and validity period).
  • Should have – Certificate of the verifier of measuring instruments for flow and quantity of liquids and gases (Certificate number, issuing authority, issuance date and validity period).
  • Should have – Certificate of the verifier of measuring instruments of Physical and chemical measurements (Certificate number, issuing authority, date of issue and validity period).
2. The verifier of the calibration laboratory:
  • Should have – Certificate verification officer of measuring thermal and temperature measurements (certificate number, the authority issuing the certificate, date of issue and expiry date).
3. BD & Prequalification Specialist:


  • Prequalification with new Clients and follow up on upcoming Projects/ Tenders for the entire Group Companies;
  • Update Prequalification with existing Clients to ensure no Tenders are missed out;
  • Make Weekly / Monthly prequalification and Tenders Reports;
  • Make Database of Clients with their Emails/ Phone Contacts of the main representatives;
  • Market Intelligence and Identifying Competitors;
  • Make Reports on meetings with Clients;
  • Coordinate Weekly Tenders Meetings and make Minutes on Action Points & follow up;
  • Meet Clients from time to time to understand new Opportunities in the Market;
  • Represent Group Companies./ Business Segments to the Clients by making;
  • Presentations.;
  • Should update the Corporate Website with the help of IT from time to time with new Developments in Company like NEWS , Photo Gallery;
  • Enhance the Company’s presence on Social Media;
  • Advertise about upcoming Training Programs on Social Media.;
  • Control / Organize PQ Folders on the Server with proper Names/ YearKPI:;
  • Expected Meetings with Client in a Month -25 Meetings;
  • Prequalification on new Commodity Classes


  1. Fluent in English with good Writing Skills;
  2. Should be able to translate the Prequalification from English to Russian if there is requirement from the Client;
  3. Excellent Communication Skills;
  4. Should be able to write professional emails to Clients;
  5. Photography Skills;
  6. Fast Learner;
  7. Time Management Skills to ensure Tasks are completed on time with available resources;
  8. Computer Skills;
  9. Highly proficient with use of MS Outlook –setting up meetings etc;
  10. Highly proficient with use of MS Word and Excel;
  11. Make excellent Power Point Presentations;
  12. MS Visio;
  13. Photoshop Skills