Original Equipment Manufacturer Services

Original Equipment Manufacturer Services

RMS through its network of manufacturers under its umbrella through its framework agreement offers ONE STOP OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services to all its customers in the Oil & Gas and petrochemical Industry. RMS within its group has the following capabilities to support the functions of the OEM Services

  • VISA Support Services
  • Quota for Expat Manpower
  • Strong Procurement & Expediting Department
  • Pool of Engineers and Technical Support Team based in HQ.
  • Skilled Local Manpower including Technicians
  • Accommodation & Catering Arrangements
  • Warehouses and Logistics

RMS has its own dedicated and full-fledged Migration, Visa, Travel, Meet & Greet Department which facilitates the LoI, Visa, Police Registration, Border Pass , Travels, Meet & Greet at Airport for the vendor representatives Over the last 5 years RMS has facilitated more than Visa Issuance, Visa Renewals for more than 1500 Expats from all over the world. This included its Employees and also the OEM Vendors who were brought to offer specialized OEM Services upon the request of the Customers.

Having worked and procured Equipment from various Vendors in the past, RMS today has experience, lesson learnt agreement, contacts and good relations enabling quick access & mobilization to ensure that the OEM services are provided on top priority basis. Our Team has great experience in coordination and managing the activities of the OEM Vendors from across the world within tight deadlines.

The mobilization period from the receipt of a Call off notice to actual mobilization of personnel and equipment from OEM or their authorised representative on site is usually within a maximum of 30 days. Tender shall make sure that the OEM Vendor representatives are mobilised with proper Visa, specialized Tools/Tackles Equipment to ensure loss of productive time on site. RMS shall also make arrangements for training and badging of the RMS’s personnel to access the Site during the mobilization period. The Call OFF requirements and OEM Scopes shall be studied in detail by RMS’s OEM representative who shall relay all information and drawings with the OEM Vendors to make sure that they understand the problems in details and come up with a solution during their service period at site.