Metrology and Calibration

Metrology and Calibration

We carry out metrological support at all stages of the project from development to commissioning in accordance with metrology standards.

RMS is one of the leading metrology service providers, which strives to conduct its business in full compliance with international safety and quality standards. RMS is a local company (with 100% Kazakhstani capital) with a mixture of international management. RMS is an ISO / OHSAS certified company that has adopted international work styles. RMS is part of the ISKER group of companies and is re-qualified to readily offer services to customers such as NCOC, Atyrau Refinery, TCO, KPO and Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industry.

Licenses / Accreditation

RMS owns and operates a calibration / calibration laboratory, valve testing laboratory, which is accredited in the accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with ST RK ISO / IEC 17025-2019 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”, accreditation certificate No. KZ.P.06.2068. We offer a wide range of metrological services, such as:

  • Verification laboratory (pressure gauges, thermometers, hydrogen sulfide sensors, gas sensors, level gauges, temperature converters)
  • Calibration laboratory (pressure gauges, thermometers, hydrogen sulfide sensors, gas sensors, level gauges, converters)
  • Testing laboratory (test valves (pressure reducing, regulating, distribution, control and safety), slide gates. Ball valves, valves, gates, valves and fittings similar for pipelines, boiler bodies, tanks, tanks and similar containers)
  • ETL (electrical laboratory)

In addition to this, RMS firmly believes that it can bring value to the Project, as indicated below, thereby saving on costs and time. At your service there is:

  • Mobile laboratory in Atyrau / Tengiz (with all certificates).
  • Laboratory in Atyrau with all the necessary calibration / calibration / testing devices.
  • Laboratory of electrical tests.
  • Industrial support base in Karabatan.
  • A team of professionals with extensive experience in metrology / electrical testing.
  • Support of the ISKER group of companies with additional workforce, equipment and infrastructure anytime, anywhere.
  • Regional knowledge and experience in extreme weather conditions.
  • A completely new testing equipment with all certificates.